Communication with the public

Of course we will make use of the standard academic venues to disseminate results, i.e., present at scientific conferences and workshops, and using a project website to document activities -- similar to what we did in a prior successful NATO SPS project ( ). In addition, we plan to have interviews for public radio/TV broadcasts as well as for university publications. Part of the budget is requested for producing short professional video clips, which are likely to draw attention to the research project. We plan to use different team members for the clips, each devote to a particular subtopic of quantum-safe cryptography. A major international conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PQCrypto 2018, expected number of participants 250-300) which is organized by one of the co-directors and co-located with a NIST standardization conference (“CSRC - First PQC Standardization Conference” 2017) will likely gather significant press interest, too, and offer opportunities for promoting the project.

Project-internal communication

Teleconferencing is expected to be sufficient to take care of routine communication, but we plan for an annual in-person meeting of NPD, PPD, and all co-directors. This meeting will also involve students and experts as appropriate for that stage of the project. Training of young researchers will also facilitate communication among the project partners -- and likely offer some local opportunities to draw attention to and promote the project.