NATO SPS Cluster Workshop on Advanced Technologies

Important dates:

  • 6th September 2019 - submission deadline for extended versions of articles (maximum 10 pages) to be published by Springer under the NATO Science Series. Templates (Word and LateX) can be found here:
  • 12th September 2019 - presentation submission deadline. Authors are asked to use the template attached. All authors can add more slides, amend, etc., but please bear in mind that we have a full schedule and your presentation should remain within 15 minutes, plus 5 minutes for Q&A.

Workshop Agenda

List of Participants

ID Name Area Confirmed Participants Abstract provided
G5461 Large Scale Collaborative Detection and Location of Threats in the Electromagnetic Space Communication systems Giustiniano, Lenders, Pollin X
G5482 Public Safety COmmUNication in ConTExt Related to Terror Attacks (Counter-Terror) Communication systems Alam, Ahmad, Magarini X
G5263 Analysis, Design and Implementation of an Endto-End 400km QKD Link Communication systems Mondin  
G5269 Flash Crowds Management via Virtualized Network Resources (FALCON) Communication systems Leon-Garcia, Gavrilovska X
G5319 Threat Predict: From Global Social and Technical Big Data to Cyber Threat Forecast Communication systems Francois, Mezzour  
G5448 Quantum-safe Authenticated Group Key Establishment Communication systems Steinwandt X
G5485 Secure Quantum Communication Undersea Link Communication systems Xuereb  
G5030 Titanium Armour with Gradient Structure: Advanced Technology for Fabrication New materials Prikhodko X
G5215 Engineering Silicon Carbide for Enhanced Border and Port Security (E-SiCure) New materials Capan X
G5120 Infrared Transparent Ceramic Windows for Highspeed Vehicles New materials Herrmann, Ragulya  
G5176 Agile Tyre Mobility for Severe Terrain Environments New materials Demkiv, Vantsevich  
G5453 Radiation Hard UV Detectors against Terrorist Threat New materials Khodorov, Lubomirsky X
G5580 Creation of New Generation Titanium Diboride Composite Armour Material New materials Benga X
G5140 Advanced Nanotechnologies For Multivariate Sensor Fabrication Sensors and detectors Goldoni, Snopok, Verdini  
G5244 Graphene / Polymer based Sensor Sensors and detectors Blazhevska, Gilev, Tomovska  
G5248 Compact Eye-Safe Lidar Source for Airborne Laser Scanning (CALIBER) Sensors and detectors Boetti, Ishaaya  
G5267 Maritime Security - Multistatic and Multiband Coherent Radar Fleet for Border Security (SOLE) Sensors and detectors Bogoni, Lecomte X
G5351 Nanocomposites Based Photonic Crystal Sensors of Biological and Chemical Agents Sensors and detectors Smirnova X
G5465 Noise Imaging Radar Network for Covert Air and Maritime Border Security (NORMA) Sensors and detectors Tomei X
G4840 Microelectronic 3D Imaging and Neuromorphic Recognition for Autonomous UAVs Sensors and detectors Redouté X
G5293 Autonomous Platform for Securing Marine Infrastructures Unmanned / autonomous systems Casari, Diamant X
G5322 High Altitude Balloon-Borne Radar Unmanned / autonomous systems Martorella  
G5428 Dynamic Architecture based on UAVs Monitoring for Border Security and Safety Unmanned / autonomous systems Granelli X