As at this time it is unclear how long-term secure schemes for encryption and authentication should be implemented. In fact, not even standard are in place. Thus complete solutions for foundational cryptographic tasks, as pursued in this project, have realistic chances for being adopted by implementers. We chose governmental entities and an experienced industry partner specializing in cybersecurity and radiocommunication as end users, which helps us in aligning our research efforts with practical needs and expectations in a standardization process. Our end users, including the Ministry of Defence of Slovakia and Rohde & Schwarz, will be continuously informed about gained results and possible improvements of existing products, protocols and schemes. Conversely, we carefully listen the end users’ practical needs to be able to design proper and usable protocols for secure group communication in a post quantum era.

To increase confidence in and reliability of the proposed schemes, we will of course present our solutions to the research community through the standard academic venues. In addition to conferences within this project, also other workshops are expected to be used to disseminate these ideas. The co-director of the U.S. group plans to organize another Dagstuhl-Seminar on Quantum Cryptanalysis during the project term, which is anticipated to involve participants from industry and several governmental agencies, including a standardization body.