Viliam Hromada - Workshop on Secure Implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography in Israel

Side channel analysis of McEliece cryptosystem

Abstract: In my talk, I will present our results from side-channel analysis of implementation of McEliece cryptosystem, known as BitPunch, developed at our department. We implemented BitPunch on three different platforms – development board STM32F407VG with ARM Cortex M4, development board Altera Cyclone SoC with ARM Cortex A9 and Raspberry Pi2 with ARM Cortex A7. By using SPA and chosen-ciphertext attack, we were able to find the secret permutation matrix of 2048-bit McEliece cryptosystem implemented on Altera Cyclone and the secret permutation matrix of 64-bit McEliece cryptosystem implemented on STM32F407VG. We also automated the whole measurement and evaluation process in MATLAB, so now we just set the parameters and “observe” the attack.