Workshop of the NATO Project G5448

Workshop title: Quantum-safe Authenticated Group Key Establishment

Place: FEI STU in Bratislava, Slovakia

Duration: Nov 30 - Dec 9 2021


The aim of the workshop is to put researchers together, revise what was done and plan a road map for the last MILESTONE M4. Recall that our last steps to finalize are:

  • Step 2-B: Identify protocol-level security mechanisms.
    Deliverable (D4): Guidelines for securing implementation of a quantum-safe AGKE against a substantial class of implementation-level attacks on a relevant target platform.
  • Step 3-A: Protocol and parameter optimization.
    Deliverable (D5): A quantum-safe AGKE protocol where all parameter choices are fully specified for relevant security levels. Parameter recommendations must be derived from theoretical results or/and validated through experimental data.
  • Step 3-B: Deploy implementation-level security mechanisms.
    Deliverable (D6): A fully operational quantum-safe AGKE, including protection against implementation-level attacks.

Besides, partially related problems to the project will be discussed as well. If the COVID situation will allow, our adviser prof. Peter Horak from the University of Washington – Tacoma will join us.


The list of participants will be updated soon.


The workshop program will be announced soon.